Brewing Workshop Tout Grain

From: 180,00 TTC

  • 4 HOURS
  • 24 bottles of 50cl
  • One or two people per brewing station
  • 10 people maximum per session
  • Accompany by a beer tasting and a plate of tapas !


Join us for a fun and relaxed time with your friends, to learn how to make your favorite craft beer recipes.

Each workshop consists of 2 different sessions: a brewing session and a bottling session.

  • The reservation date is for the first session -(Brewing)
  • At the end of the brewing session, you’ll fix a date for the bottling session
  • The bottling session will be at least 3 weeks after brewing
  • You can come alone or in a pair for the same price

FIRST SESSION: Brewing (4 hours)

    • Choose the recipe you want to brew from the list of 7 recipes
    • All materials (ingredients, bottles, boxes) will be supplied
    • Weight and mix your malt
    • Brew your beer
    • Stir the hops
    • Add the yeasts

At the end of the session, you can reserve the date for your bottling session (minimum of 3 weeks later).

  • Friday     18h – 22h
  • Saturday      9h30 – 13h30

SECOND SESSION: Bottling and Labeling (1 hour) 3 weeks after minimum brewing

  • Bottle the beer you brewed
  • Personalize the labels with the name of your beer
  • Paste your labels
  • You will leave the session with 24, 50cl bottles of the beer you brewed (12 liters)


  • Tuesday         17h – 21h