A light and white beer that you will enjoy during a warm weather. It will refresh you and quench your thirst without giving you a headache!  Its freshness comes mainly from the wheat that makes up the body of this beer. Ideal to share with her friends.


Beer with a light bitterness, soft tones of cereals and an enchanting golden color. This beer is easy to drink and particularly appreciated by those who discover the world of craft beers.

AMBER ALE (6.0%)

Beer with a good taste of grilled and caramelized malt, it is close to the famous Pale Ale. This beer is great for barbecues. A little more alcoholic than a blond, it remains appreciable because of its sharing character.

BROWN ALE (5.2%)

This brown beer appeared in the north of England. It tends to be more malty and sweet in the mouth, with a little more of body. With its beautiful caramel color, it is much lighter but a little stronger than a Porter.

PORTER (5.0%)

Highly sought after in the 1800s, the Porter comes from an alliance between Pale Ale malts and black malt. This beer goes very well with duck or pork. It is usually sought when looking for a beer that has a body but remains somewhat light.

IPA (6.9%)

Its creation dates back to the time of British colonization in India. Beer typically bitter where the hops are the star. This beer is particularly appreciated by the community of craft beer fans. It is full of flavors and allows great creativity for brewers by playing on varieties of hops.


This typical Irish beer has a rich ruby colour, with soft malty flavors of caramel and toasted grain, and a dry finish.